Printing for people and our world.

MADCO’s Commitment to people and our world
Our approach to all business includes improving and protecting human rights and global sustainability.

Social Sustainability – It starts with people. As a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), our principles reflect and support the organization’s Fair Labor Code.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒEmployment Relationship – MADCO adheres to rules and conditions of employment that respect workers and, at a minimum, safeguard their rights under national and labor and social security laws and regulations.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒNondiscrimination– No person will be subject to any discrimination in MADCO employment, including hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group or ethnic origin.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒHarassment or Abuse–Every MADCO employee is treated with respect and dignity. No employee will be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒForced/Child Labor–MADCO does not use any form of forced labor. No person is employed at MADCO under the age of 16.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒFreedom of Association and Collective Bargaining– MADCO recognizes and respects the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒHealth, Safety and Environment– MADCO provides a safe and healthy workplace setting to prevent accidents and injury to health. MADCO adopts responsible measures to mitigate negative impacts that the workplace has on the environment.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒHours of Work– MADCO does not require workers to work more than the regular and overtime hours allowed by law.

“ƒ”ƒ”ƒCompensation– Every MADCO employee has a right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to meet the employer’s basic needs and provide some discretionary income. MADCO pays the prevailing wage, complies with all legal requirements on wages, and provide or exceed any benefits required by law or contract.

For more information on the principles we use as guidelines for fair labor practices, We’re proud to work with fellow FLA members, including Gildan, Under Armour, PopSockets, SanMar, Koozie Group, alphabroder, Puma and New Era.

Environmental Sustainability is also important at MADCO. As a small company, it is vital we and our partners understand the environmental impact of products in the supply chain. We resource recycled paper, planet-friendly inks and environmentally friendly wearables from suppliers that use chain of custody certifications and renewable energy standards and practices. MADCO suppliers understand the important role our industry has in upholding workplace laws and ethical standards, workforce diversity, eliminating hazardous materials, recycling, and giving back to the community with time and donations.

Since 2005, MADCO’s proudly partnered with the following companies, all recognized for sustainability:
Vantage Apparel, with a large St. Louis presence, is a leader in this area.
alphabroder, also an industry leader, developed a Best-In-Class Sustainable Style Finder for us to help customers
Gildan is a trusted company for upholding apparel industry standards
SanMar, recognized by the FLA for its accredited Factory Monitoring Program, is a role model in sustainability
The Koozie Group leads the way in the promotional products industry for sustainability